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common Names

Mitti Attar is also known by these names Geeli Mitti Attar,  Baked Earth Attar,  Petrichor Oil,  Scent of Rain,  Mud Attar,  Barsaati Attar

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Making process

This beautiful Attar which smells like baked earth after the first rain. As the monsoons arrives and splash life upon the parched and heated soil due to intense exposure of sunlight, the baked earth spreads its unique aroma one can easily fall for – this is the fragrance of Mitti. It is also popular as “The scent of Rain”.

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Making process

Clay is extracted from the topsoil of earth and baked in a kiln, then these earthen pots are immersed in water within copper cauldrons known as degs,

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Mitti attar can be applied directly as perfume. Besides that, it is also used as a fragrance, an air freshener, an essential oil — and in aromatherapy.


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Mesmerizing attar of Mitti contains is stress relieving and help you brings you back to your inner being. The soothing natural attar can also be used in daily routine. Its soothing aroma is also considered as stress buster.


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