What are Essential Oil? How to use them

IttarStore 20 September 2022

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Essential oils are liquid extracts of several plants that may provide health benefits. The valuable chemicals from these plants may be extracted using manufacturing procedures.

Essential oils frequently smell considerably stronger and have more potent active components than the plants from which they are derived. This has to do with how much plant material is necessary to produce essential oil.

Lavender  Oil can help with relaxation, pain relief, and sleep. One can use it as aromatherapy, try adding it to a bath or diffuser, mixing it with water to create a body spritzer or room spray, or mixing it with a base oil to create body oil.

Lavender OIl

Frankincense oil can improve mood, sleep, and inflammation and is utilized in skin treatments and has an earthy, spicy perfume that is suitable for aromatherapy.

Frankincense Oil

The cold season is an excellent time to stock up on this essential oil. By widening your nasal airways, it relieves a stuffy nose and makes breathing easier.

eucalyptus oil

Lemon oil, which is made from the fruit's peel, may be diffused into the air or used topically on the skin together with a carrier oil.

lemon oil

Citrus fruit rinds are used to make orange oil. It may be used directly to the skin, dispersed into the air, or even utilized in your house as a natural cleaning. It is renowned for lowering anxiety, and lessening discomfort

Orange oil

Citrus-scented lemongrass oil is well known for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

lemongrass oil

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