Try These 6 Best-Selling Oud Fragrances

By IttarStore 16/06/22

Why to use Agarwood (Oud) Attars?

Oud is typically a base note in a perfume composition since it has a tendency to remain on the skin for a very long time after the other notes have faded. Base notes are highly deep, weighty, and enduring since they serve as the perfume's basis (up to six hours and more).

White Oudh


It carries sweet, woody, and rich aroma that makes it an ideal perfumery ingredient.

Oud Seofi 


The rich and dark hued Dahn Al Oud Seofi, is a sacred obsession for the inquisitors of divine mysticism.

Mukhallat Oudh


It is woody fragrance mixed with the royalty of saffron.

Oud Kadeem 


Kadem oud, is a venerable rendition of Arabic tradition and one of the oldest forms of fragrances in the world

Akbari Oud


It is a spiced sweet woody fragrance which is a mixture of the Oudh wood, Cinnamon, warm Saffron and calming Clove.

Oud Abiyad 


It is a fresh and clean  woody fragrance with a vibrant leathery character around gentle and smooth notes

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