Rose attar : Uses & Benefits

IttarStore 13 July 2022

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Rose attars are generally organic essential oils made from a variety of rose varieties' petals. While  they are created by the steam distillation process. Rose attars or rose oils are one of the most often used fragrances in the world, despite their greater price and the development of synthetic alternatives.

The quality of the rose blossoms utilized in the procedure is carefully considered. This attar is made from "Rosa damascena." The Indian subcontinent is where it was first developed. Every day throughout the city, thousands of rose petals are collected in jute bags. For the production of around 10ml of attar, more than 50kg of these petals are thought to be required. Similar to many other attars, hydro-distillation is the method utilized.

Making of Rose attar

Using Rose attar

You may apply a small amount of rose attar to your finger and palm, massage it gently, and then put it on your skin or clothing to wear the fragrance.

Its scent is incredibly opulent and sweet, with the alluring scent of rose flowers. From young toddlers to old individuals, males and ladies can use it.  The fragrance is both energizing and soothing. It relieves stress and anxiety. Thus used for aromatherapy and massage treatments.  It relieves mental weariness by calming the mind and uplifting the soul. It is beneficial to the health of our skin, much as the rose.

Benefit of Rose attar

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