How to Wear Oud Perfume for long lasting fragrance?

Due to their strong aroma, oud fragrance are ideal for use throughout the winter months and on special occasions. They complement formal clothing very nicely. The manner of application is important when applying oud fragrance

Since it will contact everything and might stain certain clothing, you don't want to spray it on your palm. Apply it on your pulse points in its place. This includes the wrist, behind the ears, and the neck. These locations frequently stay warm, which activates the fragrance and prolongs its duration.

If you're using a stick, feel free to make a straight line with it and swipe it across the appropriate area. Alternately, massage it in with your index finger. Spray the oud perfume just before the occasion to get the most out of the goods you got. You can spritz some extra right before you depart in order for the fragrance to remain.

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