How to

Apply Attar for long lasting frgarance?


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In India, attars have been used for millennia. Many emperors and their queens enjoyed these perfumes in past. In other words, back then, before roll-on attar bottles were invented, individuals used to apply to their wrist's pulse point.

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Wrist of Hands

You should softly dab your hand on the wrist of the second hand after applying it to the wrist of the first hand. It is advised that you take enough so that you may also apply it to the neck's left and right pulse points.

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On Neck

It's uncommon to put attar on the neck. It has a lengthy shelf life, though, and won't be as intrusive when you step outside because the area is totally covered by clothing. Simply extend your hand and rub on your neck.

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On your fingertips

In this "pulse point," veins are quite near your skin. On the tips of your fingers, dab a little quantity of attar onto your clothes. Attar works quickly and is ideal for nocturnal scent when applied to the clothes.

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Use with Diffusor

An old-fashioned way to smell a space is using a diffusor. Find an oil you prefer to use in a diffusor. Fill an oil burner to the halfway or full mark with 3-5 drops of the oil mixed with some water.  At the base, light the candle. The room will begin to smell as the oil/water combination begins to heat up and evaporate.

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