5 must have Attar Essential Oil for monsoon

With the rains come in a plethora of infections that range from a decrease in the immunity to a burst of viral infections and more. Ayurveda has long used essential oils in its treatments. There are a lot of essential oils that actually work wonders for you hair, skin and health specifically in the monsoons.

What to look for:


Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea Tree Oil can be added to the diffusers as it is also a disinfectant and known for killing the germs in air.

What to look for:


Peppermint Essential Oil

The active ingredient menthol plays a major role in clearing clogged chest and sinus. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial,

What to look for:


Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood oil can be added to the diffusers as it is beneficial in promoting the reproductive system, nervous system, muscular system and circulatory system health. 

What to look for:


Lavender Essential Oil

The lavender oil is known for its beautiful fragrance and is strongly recommended for relaxation. It is extensively used in issues like influenza, cold, etc.

What to look for:


Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil immediately relieves cough and eases breathing.

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